My most recent favourite cosmetics (cruelty free)

Today I want to tell you about two cosmetics products that I have bought recently and that I am truly in love with!

The windy and cold Dutch weather (to which I will never get used to haha) makes my skin super dry. Sick of feeling my skin so dry, I decided to go on this ceaseless quest for the perfect body scrub! (…) As I am a huge advocate of natural ingredients and of cruelty-free cosmetics brands, I was supper happy to find this sugar body scrub from & Other Stories!


For a better exfoliation experience, I apply it before getting my skin wet and I massage it in a circular motion on up the body.

Things I love about this product/brand:

  • It has such a fresh and lovely scent that makes me daydream about summer days spent at the beach
  • Does the job perfectly: It leaves the skin super smooth and moisturized due to having Limnanthes Alba Seed Oil as one of its ingredients
  • High quality affordable product
  • Cruelty free brand – No tests on animals whatsoever
  • Sustainable brand – Once I finished my body scrub, I just need to return the empty containers to one of the stores and I will get one voucher with a “10% recycling treat as a thank you” Seriously, how awesome is this? We need more of these initiatives in the beauty and fashion industry! The environment highly appreciates.


My other favourite product is this anti fatigue  and refreshing eye stick from Bodyshop;


I don’t really get dark eye circles but I do get that “eye puffiness” sometimes. This cutie came to my rescue and I am so happy to see that it works: it cools, moisturizes and revives the area around your eyes. It literally glides on gently and it does not drag the skin.

Things I love about this product/brand:

  • It is non-sticky and super super easy to apply
  • The effects of refreshing the appearance of eye tiredness are instantly visible after application
  • It moisturizes the skin due to being enriched with vitamin E (coming from its wheatgerm oil ingredient)
  • Cruelty free brand – no tests on animals whatsoever


Both these products have now become a staple in my life and I strongly recommend you give them a try!

After all, by buying cosmetics from cruelty free brands we are showing our support to these companies whilst sending the message that we, as customers, value and care about animal welfare. We are entitled to buy whatever we wish to and nobody should be demonized for their choices. However, at the end of the day we are all trying to be the best version of ourselves and to make a positive impact in this dear world of ours; gradually making more informed and conscious choices is just a step forward in that direction.🌹


Lots of love in your way,

Blissfully Grateful

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