a Fine Saturday with a fall-inspired lunch.

Today was a pretty lovely Saturday, where I got a bunch of stuff done without overdoing myself. I went to the gym, cooked a nutritious fall-inspired lunch , went for some much needed shopping, cleaned my house, watched two movies, caught up with some friends and took time to take care of my skin (cleansing, exfoliation, moisturising..). Just what I needed. This past week was rather busy and stressful at work. My fatigue was certainly reflected in the hours of sleep I had last night. About 9h/9h30. I woke up feeling so energised and refreshed!

After my gym class that consisted of cardio intercalated with weight training exercises, all I was craving was a super yummy and nourishing lunch full of great nutrients, vitamins and protein to provide me with the necessary energy to get through the day with a smile! Thus, this meal was just what the doctor ordered! I read something the other day that I really liked and fully agree with: we must “think of each meal we have as a way to keep us feeling good and energized until our next refueling.” So true, right? I mean…Why would we knowingly eat foods that will not make us feel and perform at our best?



This fall-inspired lunch is oil free, gluten free and entirely plant based. More importantly, it is made with much love. ♥

Food details: Roasted purple and yellow beetroot, parsnip (my fave!), sweet potato, Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, kale, mustard baked tofu and avocado. YUMS.


Hope you all had a lovely and relaxing day with some great food indulgences.

Much love,

Blissfully Grateful

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