A snowy Sunday morning

It is a quite Sunday morning in December and it is snowing outside. What an absolute bless is to wake up and see all the rooftops and naked trees covered in white.

There is nothing better than staying at home, where it is warm and cozy, and light some scented candles. A good breakfast in bed with the company of a great book and a good song playing in the background that makes us forget all the struggles we might be going through. This is what Sundays should be made for; to relax and unwind; to find some inner peace and pure gratitude within ourselves.

Things might get rocky and we may find ourselves stuck in a dark place but (…) Life has its own way of showing us that magic exists in every little moment. Life has its own way of showing us the things and people who we are grateful for. Life has its own way of changing its direction just to make us realise how lucky we are. When life asks us to stop, we should listen to it and look around to admire all the beauty that surrounds us.♥


Wish you all a lovely Sunday x

Much Love,

Blissfully Grateful


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