Toothy tabs from Lush

When it comes to 100% natural and cruelty-free cosmetics products, Lush is definitely my favourite go-to brand! I admire what they do so much and I feel like the company deserves a blog post entirely dedicated to its amazing work against animal testing and across the areas of corporate social and environmental responsibility. ♥

Today I am here to share my review about their toothy tabs, which is nothing more than a solid toothpaste. Quite cool hey? I have been wanting to try them ever since I have first heard about them and, finally, I have now had the chance of trying!

The toothy tabs I have bought are the ones called “Limelight”, containing only fresh ingredients. These tablets are extremely simple to use and have a super lemony taste, which I love. You just need to chew one tablet and then use your wet toothbrush to brush your teeth as you would usually do.



Things I love about the product (i.e. the Pros):

  • Its pleasant taste and freshness. Due to their lemon, lime and spearmints oils, these tabs leave you not only with a clean mouth/teeth but also with a nice and fresh breath
  • The toothy tabs come in a range of six different and interesting flavours (some stronger in taste than others). All of them are made from natural oral care ingredients, where there is no animal testing involved
  • The tablets come in a container that is made from recovered plastic from the oceans
  • As it is a dry toothpaste you can take it with you on the plane without any issues. It is also a super handy item to carry (no risk of leakage) and travel with
  • In terms of teeth abrasivity, also known as RDA (“Relative dentin abrasivity”), these tablets are situated on a low end of the scale. Their RDA test score is 64, which is considered as a low level of abrasivity. You can check it yourself here: Relative Dentin Abrasivity

The Cons:

  • Sadly,  the toothy tabs do not contain fluoride, which I consider quite important to prevent tooth decay
  • Additionally, they do not contain any ingredients that help with teeth sensitivity either
  • When compared to the average price of a regular toothpaste, these tabs end up by being relatively costly. The price of the various toothy tabs (in the Netherlands) ranges from 7,95€ to 9,95€. The limelight toothy tabs cost 7,95€ and I bought mine with 50% off. However, keep in mind that this kind of deals only happen occasionally
  • As each box contains 40 tablets, you can easily finish it within 2-3 weeksFINAL VERDICT: I think that this tasty, solid and 100% natural toothpaste is another great idea from Lush. If I would consider buying the toothy tabs again? Yes, definitely. However, I would most likely wait to buy this product when Lush offers 50% off on it again.

Let me know in the comments if you have you tried any of these toothy tabs and if not, would you be willing and curious to do so?

Much Love,

Blissfully Grateful

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