Hi there,

I am a 26-years old girl who is currently working and living in the Netherlands. I can describe myself as a daydreamer and someone who is very passionate about life. Hence why the name of the blog “Blissfully grateful”.

Why have I decided to create this personal blog?

Well, long story short: I wanted to put my hands, time and energy in creating content that will hopefully inspire others. This online platform is a place where I will be sharing my passions, thoughts, bits of my day-to-day life and my journey to self love, self acceptance and a more balanced lifestyle. You will also be able to see my support to ethical and sustainable brands, my love for nourishing plant-based food & physical exercise and my overall passion for things and people that make me feel truly happy, grateful and inspired.

Hope you can come along with me in this journey and enjoy the ride!

Much love,

Blissfully grateful