My weekend gratitude list

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” –William Arthur

I am grateful for the last weekend in Amsterdam and for the great time spent with two friends that I had not seen in ages. I am grateful for our amazing catch up filled with stories sharing, lots of jokes and laughter. I am grateful for the gorgeous sunset over the IJ river that with a jazz band playing in the background. I am grateful for having had the opportunity of making my friends’ birthday somewhat more special just by being present. I am grateful for the hugs and for the new memories I have built.

I am grateful for our home cooking and for how delicious the dinner turned out; for eating with pleasure rather than worries. I am grateful for our Saturday night in. For ending the evening all cozied up on the coach eating chocolates and watching Gilmore Girls.

I am grateful for waking up to a new and sunny day and biking our way to downtown; for the sushi we have indulged in; for laughing and simply enjoying life.

I am grateful for the Sunday sun-drenched stroll along the canals in Amsterdam and for the photos taken to remind me that great friends are to keep. I am grateful for soaking up the sun whilst being wrapped up in a soft blanket drinking a warm fresh mint tea. Literally a “hug in a cup”. I am grateful for saying goodbye to my friends with a huge smile on my face due to the lovely time we had together. I am grateful for the smooth train journey back home. For being alive and for feeling loved, safe and blessed.

I am grateful for seeing myself healing and for being so at piece with myself. For being in awe with this beautiful world we live in and for feeling so inspired by it.

Lastly, I am grateful for you, you, who are taking time – the most precious thing you have – to read my words. Thank you.IMG_2799Much Love,

Blissfully Grateful


A snowy Sunday morning

It is a quite Sunday morning in December and it is snowing outside. What an absolute bless is to wake up and see all the rooftops and naked trees covered in white.

There is nothing better than staying at home, where it is warm and cozy, and light some scented candles. A good breakfast in bed with the company of a great book and a good song playing in the background that makes us forget all the struggles we might be going through. This is what Sundays should be made for; to relax and unwind; to find some inner peace and pure gratitude within ourselves.

Things might get rocky and we may find ourselves stuck in a dark place but (…) Life has its own way of showing us that magic exists in every little moment. Life has its own way of showing us the things and people who we are grateful for. Life has its own way of changing its direction just to make us realise how lucky we are. When life asks us to stop, we should listen to it and look around to admire all the beauty that surrounds us.♥


Wish you all a lovely Sunday x

Much Love,

Blissfully Grateful


Don’t we all just love rainy and cold Sundays?

There is something very special about rainy and cold Sundays that do not involve big plans. Sundays like this are made for…

… slow starts.

… breakfasts in bed.

… adventures in the kitchen.

… getting all cozied up whilst watching movies in the couch.

… putting on some furry socks & a oversized sweater to catch up on our reading

… setting new goals and intentions.

… reflecting on the struggles we went through in the past week, reassessing them and come up with ways of overcoming them in the upcoming new week.

Today was one of this kind of Sundays. A Sunday that filled my heart with joy and gratitude. A Sunday that made me feel ready to face a new week; a brand new week that will certainly have its challenges and opportunities to grow. Let’s do this. ♥

Much Love,

Blissfully Grateful


A weekend to myself.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Brussels, Belgium.

I wanted to spend some time alone in a place where I have never been before. A place full of strangers and unknown beautiful sights dying to be seen by new eyes. Lately I have been focusing on doing things for the first time and on experiencing life as if it was slipping through my fingers.

This weekend getaway came precisely at the right time and it ended up by being exactly what I needed.


It was time to break the routine, wake up at 6:30am in a bed that is not my own, breathe the autumn air, go for a brisk morning walk and take time to feel grateful for my life. At the end of the day, life is all about appreciating each little moment as it comes.