Cloud Cakes (Paris, France).

With my 26th birthday just around the corner, I found myself reminiscing about how my last birthday morning started last year. This post has been a long time coming but I wanted to share it with you regardless 🙂

My boyfriend and I travelled to Paris last September to not only celebrate our love but also my birthday (two great cheesy excuses to travel, right? haha)! Anyways, as the morning person who lives for breakfasts that I am, one of my birthday wishes was to start my day with a big and special one! That was exactly what happened and I loved every second (as well as every bite of it). I think that my boyfriend knows pretty well by now that all he needs to do to own my heart is to feed me a nice and yummy breakfast haha!

We went to Cloud Cakes, a dainty vegan bakery and coffee shop in the centre of Paris that I had looked up on Happy Cow* (see notes at the end of the post) prior to our trip. After reading the positive reviews, seeing some photos of the food and realising that they had VEGAN CROISSANTS, I knew for a fact that this was the place to go for my birthday breakfast! I am so glad we went there because it did not disappoint in the slightest!

If the menu looks very appealing, I can be someone pretty undecided when it comes to making my mind up about what to eat. For that reason, whenever I go to a food spot for breakfast/brunch, I usually like to order at least two items from the menu and share them. This way I get to experience a variety of tastes and trying something to eat that is “new” and/or “unknown” does not look like a major commitment!


Whilst deciding on what to eat, we ordered two soya cappuccinos. They were excellent and the fact that the latte art was on point immediately felt like a win. Anyways, after some considerable thought, we ordered the “sweet morning toast” with peanut butter and jam, the pancakes with whipped cream, fruits, sliced almonds and maple syrup (on a side) and of course…a croissant! I mean I just could not possibly go to Paris and not eat a freshly baked croissant, could I?

Even though the two pancakes came beautifully presented and tasted good, my boyfriend ended up by eating them because I they were a bit too sweet for my liking. I would also like them to be a little bit thicker but the texture really is down to personal preference.



However, I did love the delicious combo of P&J on toast. The two toasts came with poppy seeds and fresh blueberries on top which I dount to be a real great twist. I was also quite impressed with how crazy-good the vegan croissant was! Totally on point (taste- and texture-wise)!! It totally exceeded my expectations so you can trust me when I say that these vegan croissants are an absolutely must. I though I’d never find one of those!



“When you feed yourself what your body needs when it needs it, that’s love”.

The cafe also outlets a good variety of vegan cakes and cupcakes and it has you covered whether you want to go for something decadent or healthy! We will certainly have to come back to try them.

Staff, service and overall atmosphere

Even though the place was not full at all, we had to wait quite a bit to be served but we did not mind too much because it just meant that the pancakes were freshly made! The server spoke English and was friendly enough. Nevertheless, we did not find her to be super accommodating. She did not come to check on us once we were served nor did she ask how did we like the food when we paid for it. It is not something outrageous but, as I have mentioned in some other posts, a café/restaurant always scores extra for me when the service is excellent and the staff friendly and attentive.

When it comes to the cafe’s overall atmosphere and space, I loved how cozy and pretty it was. The attention to detail was pretty visible. However, I would advise to go in early-ish for breakfast because it is also small and it does not have plenty of seating. I think we were quite lucky with the time and day we went there (Thursday at 10am) because there were only 4 other customers in the cafe. Thus, just bear in mind that if you go later (and especially in the weekend) in the morning/day you may not get a seat.


This 10 am breakfast was the proper fuel we needed to face the full day of exploration ahead. It was so filling that, believe it or not, I could not literally eat anything else until dinner time! Now just to wrap up my final thoughts and to hopefully convince you to come to this vegan cafe:

  • The menu has a really great and tempting variety of sweet and savoury options. Because everything is plant-based there is no need to worry with the ingredients that they contain 😉
  • The café’s atmosphere is really inviting and the entire place looks cozy and adorable
  • The location is in a central and lovely neighbourhood to roam around
  • 100% vegan food spots are not overly common in Paris and that is a reason in itself why Cloud Cakes is quite a gem!
*Happy Cow is an online website and mobile app that serves as guide to vegetarian and vegan restaurants all across the world.


Much Love,

Blissfully Grateful



Hank Burger (Paris, France).

Hi guys,

As I have shared in this post Sunday morning in Paris., I went to Paris a few months ago with my boyfriend. As the foodie that I am, prior my trip, I bookmarked some restaurants that I wanted to visit during our stay. Because my boyfriend really likes burgers, when I found out that Hank Burger is a 100% vegan burger place with great reputation, situated in the heart of Le Marais district, I immediately added it to my list of places to visit in Paris! Hank Burger has proven popular thus far, with a 4.5-star rating on Trip Advisor. So, now that I had the chance of trying this super popular burger place, I thought I would share my experience with it because… I am very happy to report that the burger was INCREDIBLE.

I have never been big on burgers but I must say that, curiously now that I am no longer a meat-eater, they sound more appealing to me. This is probably due to the fact that there are so many unique combinations out there which makes it very easy to find a patty that I adore. The more creative and unique the combination of plant-based ingredients and flavours is, the more eager I am to try it! 🙂 Burgers are still not my go-to food but I do enjoy eating them every once in a while, especially if they are made (mainly) of veggies and if they are known to be good!

Anyway, let’s get to it!


The concept of the restaurant is pretty simple. All burgers have the same type of bun (especially made for the restaurant) and organic patty (made of tofu, mushrooms, rice, cereals and spices). You get to choose the toppings and sauces. There is in total a choice of four different styles of burgers.

I ordered the “La Catcheuse” style burger with homemade mustard and sprouted alfalfa. As I love mustard but am a bit picky when it comes to how sweet or spicy it tastes, I kindly asked them to not put much of it. I felt immediately happy with my choice after the first bite! It was just to die for. The patty was very rich in flavour and not greasy at all. Its texture was also on point. I paired the burger with thick cut oven-baked perfectly seasoned potato edges. My boyfriend had actually to finish them for me because the burger really filled me up. 👌🏼 He ordered the “The Tata Monique” on a tomato and basil sauce with minced black olives and, as a meat-eater, he was very pleased with the taste of it.  Just like me, he also found the potato edges to be pretty darn tasty so it really was no issue for him to eat mine haha! It is also worth mentioning that the restaurant has three different dips available (and for free): ketchup, veganaise and mustard. I usually skip dips but my boyfriend really likes his ketchup and mayo and totally approved these.




Staff were helpful and walked us through the whole concept of the restaurant. They spoke English, which made ordering the food very easy. The service was quick and efficient.


The restaurant is located in the trendy Le Marais area of Paris, making it the perfect place to recharge batteries in between exploring.


You get to choose from two different menus:

Le petit (13€): 1 Hankburger + 1 side + 1 beverage

Le Grand (15€): 1 Hankburger + 1 side + 1 dessert + 1 beverage 


We both chose went for the Le Petit menu and it was more than enough. If you think that you might fancy something sweet (i.e. a cookie, carrot cake or “the dessert of the day”) , then you can go for the Le Grand menu. The price of each burger is 8,50 euros but, in my opinion, either one of these menus has an affordable price.


To top it off, I loved the loft-style arrangement and bustling interior atmosphere of the restaurant (see photo below). Though, be warned that since it has a small seating area, it can get easily packed. We got to the restaurant at around noon on a Friday and there was plenty of space to sit. When we finished eating and left the place, there was a long queue at the door so I guess that we were just lucky to enter early enough and at a not crowded period.


Just to wrap up, this burger place really lived up to the hype. So, whether you are a non-meat eater fan of burgers or not, if you find yourself in Paris, please fit Hank Burger into your itinerary. You will not regret trying one of the great creations that Hank produces!

P.S. For those who have a gluten intolerance or allergy, Hank Burger has also available a gluten free version of both the vegan patty and bun.

Much Love,

Blissfully Grateful