Himalayan salt lamp and its benefits


I finally bought myself a Himalayan salt lamp and I am pretty stoked about it as I have wanted to have one for ages. I got super curious since the very first time I heard about them.

I read a lot about the health properties of Himalayan salt lamps and their connection to ions before buying mine and I though I would share with you my findings.

First of all, it is important to understand what are ions and how they affect us.

Ions consist of molecules (i.e. groups of atoms) that have either gained or lost an electrical charge. When atoms/molecules have more positive electrons than negative, they carry a positive charge, being denominated as “positive ions”. Similarly, when they have more negative electrons than positive, they carry a negative charge and are therefore “negative ions”.

Ions are present in the air we inhale daily. Whilst negative ions can be mostly found outdoors (as Nature is their main source), positive ions can be found indoors. This is because Nature is the main source of negative ions and the electronics we possess at our house and work are the source generating positive ions.

Scientists claim that positive ions lower its delivery and sap our body of energy, which may lead to headaches, drousiness, infections, depressing mood, anxiety and breathing difficulties. On a more felicitous note, negatively charged ions are known to affect us positively because they facilitate the absorption of oxygen. They have the power of elevating our mood by increasing our levels of serotonin and of stabilising our blood pressure; boosting our immunity; increasing our body’s alkalinity;strengthening our bones and even of speeding up physical recovery. Sounds pretty amazing, does not it? This is because when negatively charged ions reach our bloodstream, they generate biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin. This subsequently improves our mood and energy levels and balances our mental health, alleviating feelings of depression, lethargy and stress.

The fact that negative ions are created in the Nature might explain why we can feel so renewed, energised and refreshed yet calm when we go on a hike in the mountains or just spend some time waterfalls or at the beach.

Now that I have shortly explained what ions are and how they can affect us, it is time to introduce the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps and show their link to negative ions.

I have gathered in the list below the benefits that are, from my standpoint, the most important:

Cleanse and purify the air. Salt lamps have the amazing power of hygroscopy, which basically consists of the process of attracting and absorbing water molecules that are present in the air into the salt crystal. Because the salt lamp warms up due to the heat generated by the light bulb inside, the water evaporates back into the surrounding environment and the particles of dust, pollen and other bad contaminants remain trapped and “stuck” to the salt.

Reduce allergies and breathing problems. Due to their cleansing property (already mentioned above), it has been commonly reported that Himalayan salt lamps reduce allergies and improve breathing problems like Asthma. The results are said to be felt within just 1-2 weeks.

Neutralise electromagnetic radiation. We are constantly exposed to electromagnetic radiation (EM) flowing from the electronics we have at both our house and workplace. These electronics produce positive ions which affect negatively our mental and physical health. Constant or long-term exposure to EM is widely known to have harmful effects to human health. Increased stress levels, chronic fatigue, insomnia and immune dysfunction are just some of its potential dangers to us. As Himalayan salt lamps emit negative ions, they assume a crucial role in neutralising this radiation.

Promote a better sleep. We all know how important it is to get good quality of sleep in order for us to feel and perform at our best. Sleep quality is worsened by the exposure to a high concentration of positive ions, which, as mentioned earlier,  reduce both the oxygen and blood delivery to the brain. If you are like me and like to sleep in complete darkness, you can simply leave the salt lamp on during the daytime and turn it off before going to sleep.

Improve our energy, mood and concentration levels. Negative ions enhance serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter known as a “mood stabiliser” and that directly influences dopamine (i.e. the so-called “happiness hormone”). Since this neurotransmitter is responsible for how much contentment, satisfaction, relaxation and peace we feel, having balanced serotonin levels is pivotal for our well-being. Thus, as salt lamps generate negative ions, they boost our serotonin levels, leading to increased energy and mental concentration and to improved mood.

Beautiful piece of decor that creates a peaceful atmosphere and space . From a decor point of view, Himalayan salt lamps are also a wonderful acquisition to our homes. I personally love the warm glow that my Himalayan salt lamp irradiates. Its amber/pink-ish colour is just so soothing and calming and helps me to have a more mindful space around me. It is such a pleasurable moment for me to sit comfortably on my bed after a long day and read a great book in the gentle and relaxing glow of a salt lamp.

Environmentally-Friendly source of light. This nice ambient light is also eco-friendly and low footprint. My research showed me that there are still many salt rocks reserves around the world and it is estimated they will still last for another 350 years if the extraction continues with the same pace it currently has. Plus, the light bulb inside the lamp consumes a really small amount of energy.


Himalayan salt lamps exist in various sizes, shapes and colours and ech one of them is  naturally unique. The bigger/heavier the lamp, the greatest are its benefits.

I am very happy for having added this beautiful element to my little world and I can’t wait to enjoy all its amazing benefits. As I strongly believe that Himalayan salt lamps lead to a better overall sense of health and wellbeingI totally recommend you guys to get at least one for your house or workplace.

Let me know in the comment section below if you found this post useful or if you own a Himalayan salt lamp and are therefore already familiar with its benefits! 🙂

Much Love,

Blissfully Grateful