Getting comfortable with discomfort

Hi guys!

Earlier this week I got reminded of how important is to engage in activities that makes us step out out comfort zone and I wanted to share with you how it happened.

I had a work presentation scheduled for this week and the timing was not the best because it was literally in the middle of our month end close at the company (for those of you who don’t know I work in Finance). Having to meet my deadlines whilst managing the stress and time pressure of the situation was already a challenge on its own but, let me tell you guys, having to do it whilst having to prepare for my presentation was the chaos to say the least. I lost sleep over the thought of having to speak in a public in a professional context and I felt the butterflies (and the whole fauna in fact!) in my tummy just before doing it so. However, once I finished my presentation I felt very happy and proud of myself. Life showed me, once again, that only in times of discomfort are we able to grow and evolve.

A thought that helped me to relax and just go with the flow was seeing my presentation at work as an opportunity, rather than a threat. An opportunity not only to enhance my professional credibility but also to utilize my personal store of untapped knowledge.

I take this experience as a friendly reminder from the Universe to put myself out there; to challenge myself to do things that do not make me feel at ease and to not be afraid of discomfort. All in all, to just embrace the journey because nothing is as hard as it may seem. 


Much Love,

Blissfully Grateful