The best movies I have watched this year.

Hi everyone,

Before diving into the main subject of this blog post, I hope you all had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a WONDERFUL START TO THIS BEAUTIFUL NEW DECADE.


Watching movies has always been one of my favourite pastime, regardless of whether they are new or past produced. Going to the theather or watching a movie from the comfort of my home (meaning being all curled up on my couch/bed in my comfy clothes) is undoubetedly one of my go-to forms of self-care. ♥ Thus, with a brand new year right here, what better way to embrace it than by reflecting on and writing about something I love: movies!!

Today I want to share my favourite movies of 2019! You might have heard about them as they are all fairly recent. These movies vary quite a bit from each other in terms of genre, storyline and acting but they are in my opinion all worth-watching. Let’s get started!

Green Book (2018)



I firstly heard about this movie due to the various awards, golden globe and oscar it won and after watching it, I get why it has attracted so much attention.

The movie is based on a true story and it takes us on a journey about overcoming self-condemnation (homophobia and racism involved) and the wonderful feeling of freedom that results from it. It tells the story of how two seemingly different people (upgringing-, education-, life experience- and character-wise) became really tight and real friends over time. It also shows us how a genuine friendship (despite how unlikely it may seem to be) can be all we need in order to grow, evolve and change our life perception. We only need to be open to it so that we are able to put our own prejudices aside.

I absolutely loved how the story unfolded and, in my opinion, this movie has it all. A great, thought-provoking and solid scrip-writing, witiness and terrific acting. It is definitely a moving, eye opener and beautifully crafted movie.

Favourite quote:

“It takes courage to change people’s hearts.”

Bohemian Raphsody (2018)


Queen is one of those unique bands that will live forever. Watching this movie reminded me of that and it sort of blew my mind away. It made me smile and laugh, sing and even tear up. The acting performances were absolutely amazing and I’d say that they perfectly portrayed the members of the band. I could feel the energy bursting through the screen all throughout the movie.

The Live Aid at the end of the movie was exquisitely recreated and just left me whishing I could have seen Queen live.

Favourite quote:

“I am exactly the person I was always meant to be. I’m not afraid of anything.”

The Lion King (2019)


It was actually my partner who came up with the idea of going to the theather to watch The Lion King 2019 and I naturally agreed without even thinking twice! Its original release in 1994 was, in my opinion, one of Disney’s greatest hits and, for that reason, I was really looking forward to watching the remake on the big screen!

Despite what many critics say about this newer version of The Lion King, I personally really enjoyed the movie. I was so excited to watch it and after doing so, I happily say that it lived up to my expectations. The scenes were very captivating due to the photorealistic computer-generated imagery and the voice work was great. Timon and Pumbaa stole the show. They’re one hilarious duo and I laughed out loud (perhaps even too loud at times #sorrynotsorry).

Even though there were two new tracks, specifically written for the remake, featuring Elton John and Beyoncé, I was happy to realise that all my favourite songs from the original movie were incorporated. You should have seen me proudly mumbling the lyrics all throughout the movie! haha

In my opinion, this remake added something “new” to the original version while staying true to it. It retells the heartwarming story that we all know with enhanced visuals and some nice new “freshness”! Definitely an entertaining watch that brought back a sense of sweet nostalgia.

Brief remark: my boyfriend and I decided to buy the tickets for the 3D version and we both thought that it was not worth the extra money. The movie did not really utilize the 3D technology. I honestly do not think that the few 3D effects made it any more special or realistic. The movie in its regular 2D version is alreaady a technological achievement in itself.

Favourite quote:

“Believe in yourself and there will come a day when others will have no choice but to believe with you.”


Joker (2019)



This movie exceeded my expectations and it was certainly worth the money spent on the theather tickets. Brilliant scenography as well as grotesque and haunting performance from Joaquim Phoenix. His character development was absolutely outstanding and he is honestly such a certified legend!

I am aware of the critic reviews claiming that it is a movie that encourages real-world violence but I certainly do not perceive it as such. I think that rather than seeing Joker as a movie that inspires antisocial violence and extremist behaviours, we should see it as one that inspires us to treat one another with respect so that everyone feels like they belong in this world. In my opinion, Joker illustrates – in a very raw and realistic way -how emotionally debilitating loneliness and isolation can be. I would also say that it is also somewhat a critique to society because it shows the bureaucratic indifference that is oftentimes given to mental illness.

Just to round up my thoughts, Joker is simply a cinematic masterpiece and a powerful political statement. If you haven’t watched it yet, then I’d recommend it to do so.

Favourite quote:

“The worst part of having a mental illness is people expect you to behave as if you don’t.”

Klaus (2019)


Even though I love a good animated movie all year round, I find it even more enjoyable if watched during Christmas. In my family, we only open our presents at 00:00 of Christmas day. We play board games until it is time for our big family dinner (aka feast) on Christmas Eve and then we watch a movie all together to keep us awake until the stroke of midnight. Klaus was the movie we picked this year and little did I know that it would be such a great, funny and heart touching one.

I found the story to be quite original. The characters were grounded and I also really enjoyed how great the visuals were.

This movie is sure to spark laughs just as much to invoke tears and it has certainly become one of my absolute favourite Christmas animations. It is a true “feast for the eyes, mind and heart”.

Favourite quote:

“A true act of goodwill always sparks another.”


Have you watched any of these 5 movies? If so, how did you like them? Also, what were the favourite movies you have watched in 2019?

Much Love,

Blissfully Grateful

Taking care of plants.

When the sky is bright and the sun is shining, when I am barefoot on the grass and surrounded by Nature… that is when I feel the most grounded, the most content and the most free.

I was lucky enough to grow up in a house with a huge garden and to have two wonderful parents who taught me how important it is to take care for living things. They have always nurtured my connection with Nature and, thanks to them, I became environmental aware by exploring the workings of nature. I have learnt to treasure wildlife and to appreciate this beautiful Planet Earth that we are so lucky to live in.

Currently, I live at an apartment in the city centre and despite the undeniable perks of the urban environment, I miss being closer to Nature’s sheer beauty. I can’t complain much about my surrounding because I can easily leave the house and go for a stroll in the park or by the Dutch canals but sometimes… sometimes I just wish I could look out the window and have a view of Nature in its purest form: leafy, green and raw.

That being said, bringing plants into my life was the best way I found to feel the closest to Nature when I am indoors. With the Spring approaching I felt this sudden urge of buying a zillion of plants. And oh well, I sort of did. Though I have to admit that I have unintendly  killed a few during these last couple of months…I know, I know. Shame on me. Nevertheless, now that Spring is finally here to stay, I am fully committed and firmly determined to properly take care of my house plants. I want to plant a few herb and flower and herbs seeds in some pots and I am super excited to nurture them and (hopefully!!) see them grow! The other day, I bought this tiny white Hyacinth at the supermarket and exactly one day after, it beautifully bloomed.


It might sound silly but I can’t even tell you guys how truly happy and grateful it made me feel. Of course that this feeling would be heightened if I had actually sowed the seed myself.. but this is actually what I love about gardening: having the opportunity of seeing one of your “creations” to develop into something so beautiful.

As I have dabbled in gardening in the past, I know that taking good care of my house plants and seeing them grow can give me this indescribable sense of achievement, inner satisfaction and aesthetic pleasure. It might be a trivial thing for many but I feel like seeing my flowers blooming for the first time is a really rewarding endeavour. It makes me tap into a natural rhythm that is so powerful and that leaves me truly happy with myself. I feel like owning plants has this amazing power of improving my overall outlook on life and of brightening up my days.

Another amazing thing about gardening is that we are able to observe the cycle of life first hand. Growing a plant from seed and looking after it until it dies down for winter is quite a learning experience.

Even though plants react to the surroundings and circumstances they are in, they also move through life at their own pace. I feel like we, as humans, have so much to learn from Nature. After all, it gives us so much without asking anything in return. How amazing and rare is that? ♥

Much Love,

Blissfully Grateful