Life comes in waves.

Life comes in waves. Sometimes they are big and terrifying and other times they are so small that end up by getting dissolved before they even touch us. Yet, other times, there are no waves at all. The sea is calm and the waters are so pacific that we can almost catch sight of the blue infinite.

When the sea of life gets rough and we see a big wave coming our way, we might feel bold and dare to ride the peak of the wave. When we are at its peak, we might feel invincible and it is as if the deep ocean of water was all ours. We surf beautifully over the wave and we get this adrenaline rush for Life. Adventure awaits us and we look forward to it. Nonetheless, sometimes and without seeing it coming, there is a wave that knocks us down. It washes us over and pulls us down under the deep and scary ocean. We try to rise above but we simply can’t. Our strength – both mental and physical – lacks. We can no longer feel the sand under our feet. We can no longer see the blue sky; let alone the limitless sea of dreams and opportunities (…) BUT, my dear one, when the waters get too turbulent, please remember: you can float. The same tide that pushes you inward can also toss you onto the shore if you let it. Do not try to swim against the tide.

Even when the series of waves seem to be endless and they flood you over and over again do not give up. Even when you feel like you can’t breathe and you have little time before the next wave rolls in do not surrender. Breathe in and breathe out whilst trusting the Universe. Let the waves pass by and through you. Embrace the big blue sea because soon there will be no waves. Soon you are going to appreciate the salty breeze as well as the stillness and solitude of the sea. Soon you will be okay dear one.


Much Love,

Blissfully Grateful


Unwinding thoughts.

I always try to face difficulties and obstacles with positivity and  I use daily gratitude to rewire my brain and soul. I am someone who firmly believes that determination, persistence and self-motivation are key for both our personal and professional success.  I am aware that life struggles are essential for the growth of mental strength and learning to embrace them is necessary. However, when things get tough I find it pretty hard to just go with the flow and not beat myself up. Sometimes it is so hard to not dwell on the obstacles that life throws at you. Sometimes it seems impossible to not fall apart when everything around you seems to do so.

When things do not go my way, I tend to punish myself with negative thoughts and cling to the belief that I am not doing enough, regardless of how much effort I am putting into it. It is so counterproductive because I then end up by feeling both helpless and hopeless. It is like I can’t breathe, it is as if I was stuck on this never-ending whirlwind of undeserving negative thoughts. Everything gets so overwhelming. So unbearable. And I try so hard to run from this dark mindset but it is useless because … how can I run away from myself?

Funny how we can be so harsh on ourselves whilst being so easy on others. It is true that we “rise by lifting others” but when have I stopped prioritising self-acceptance, self-care and self-love? Where am I when I am the one who needs to hear “everything is going to be just fine”? Why do I fail to be there for myself when I most need it? I work so hard in my career and relationships with my partner, family and friends but if there is I have come to realise that the hardest work from all is the work on myself.

Another thing is my constant attempt of having full control over my life. I can’t obviously prevent bad things from happening to me. It is not realistic. What I can do instead is to learn to accept those things, embrace them, learn and grow. I tend to forget that is by relinquishing control that I gain it.

Anyway, as this year is coming to a close, I have been reflecting about everything I went through during this past twelve months. Even though I have struggled with mental and physical health (and I still am), 2017 was such a wonderful one. I have achieved so much professionally and I have grown personally more than ever. I did well and I am proud of myself. I feel ready to continue my personal boundless journey towards self-love, self-discovery and self-acceptance. It will be a long and challenging one but I am so looking forward to it.

To end this post on a positive note, I want to leave you with some words of encouragement and positivity for this upcoming year. 2018 will bring you new adventures, opportunities and achievements. Things will not always be easy and you will struggle at times. You may find yourself in some dark places that you were not even aware that existed BUT, please, keep in mind that it will all be temporary. You will be able to pick yourself up and leave that dark place behind. Remember to be kind and gentile to yourself at all times. Redouble you commitment to mindfulness and remind yourself that you are beautiful and enough. Be always grateful for the good and the bad because life comes in waves and that is the beauty of it. ♥


Much Love,

Blissfully Grateful